Salt Glazed Stoneware

The Salesville Salt Kiln is up and running!

This new kiln has two new features. It is fueled by Natural Gas and forced air burners.

And with the move to Arkansas we are hopeful we will have a longer firing season.

 On this page we offer a glimpse of our stoneware work through the last few years.
The specific kiln load and atmosphere effect the firing greatly. Variation is to be expected and appreciated with this ware.

We do not have a catalogue  for any of our lines. At any time we can get you a photo of current inventory. Often you can view current inventory by visiting us on    


Stoneware Gallery

SJ Pottery LLC

Sue Skinner * Joe Jostes

  Creating traditionally inspired

Mocha, Redware, Salt Glazed Stoneware

and whatever else catches our fancy.