Below are some of the forms currently being produced. Again these represent most but not all.

We do not have a catalogue for any of our lines. At any time we can get you a photo of current inventory. Often you can view current inventory by visit us on Facebook.

These are a few examples of the images I have created through the years. Each telling a story in its own way. The stories are not epic tales but  simply offer a glimpse or snapshot of everyday life, activities or emotions.

There are craftsmen, couples falling in love and everyday folk going about their every daily lives.  The images reflect for me the joy of ordinary days, small slices of everyday life.

The animals who grace these pieces intertwine with life adding a prism of light and sometimes excitement , just as they do in my life and perhaps yours.

The many people depicted are folks I have known and loved. For me it is the people I meet and the stories they tell that has become vital to me and my happiness. It is to each of them that these pieces pay homage to.


SJ Pottery LLC

Sue Skinner * Joe Jostes

  Creating traditionally inspired

Mocha, Redware, Salt Glazed Stoneware

and whatever else catches our fancy.