Our ware is lead free, food safe and dishwasher safe. We do not recommend microwave use or oven use on our Redware or Mocha.

Redware and Mocha are both earthenware clay. Earthware is not suitable for long term storage of wet ingredients.  Think of your earthenware in terms of serving not storage. A earthenware pitcher or vase may be used for live arrangements by simply lining the piece with a jar or tumbler. After serving in earthenware we recommend emptying the contents and storing your leftovers in another container. If you want a refrigerator pitcher we recommend one of our stoneware pitchers. For dry storage our earthenware, being both Redware and Mocha and our stoneware will serve you well.

about The pottery

The historical roots of our designs provide a rich tapestry from which we draw inspiration. English, French, German and American "pots of old" speak to us of a traditional line of craftsmen who labored daily to provide a community with not only functional but beautiful, whimsical, artful objects. Functional art to be used in and bring an element of joy to the daily rituals of life.

Allowing ourselves to retell this traditional story through our own hearts and hands keeps our lives and we hope our work fresh and interesting.

SJ Pottery llc is the combined efforts of Joseph Jostes and Susan Skinner. Joe has been working in clay for  35 years, Sue for 28 years. 

SJ Pottery LLC

Sue Skinner * Joe Jostes

  Creating traditionally inspired

Mocha, Redware, Salt Glazed Stoneware

and whatever else catches our fancy.

Joe and I produce all of our work.  This in mind, while our production may appear abundant it is limited. 

Please Contact usfor current availability, production schedules and orders. 
See our show schedule under Going to Market or call for a shop in your area carrying our work.

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