Joe and I have changed much through the years as have our pots.

I used to fuss at Joe because through the years when filling out applications we are periodically asked for a "mission"  or "artist" statement. All I have ever gotten is

" I am therefore I make pots".

After 30 years I realize that is true for Joe. I believe he is one of the best there is and have been and am honored he has let me hold on for the ride.

We are on our 7th workplace in 28 years. Hopefully the business's last move.

Because I hate moving more than I hate cockroaches.

Bethel, Missouri        

                   1990                                                                       2013        

About us


Salesville, Arkansas

SJ Pottery LLC

Sue Skinner * Joe Jostes

  Creating traditionally inspired

Mocha, Redware, Salt Glazed Stoneware

and whatever else catches our fancy.